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Array Casework

Room to Study

Array Casework

Fit for Care

Array Casework

In the Flow

Array Collection

This modular casework collection features storage units, work solutions, and lavatories. It was designed to be simple and functional, allowing for consistency of line, form, and detail across a broad range of standard and custom configurations.

Perfect Fit

Dimensional modifications are often complicated, restricted, and time consuming. Designed to accommodate modifications, Array’s width and height can be adjusted to fit your space or vision.

Layers of Color

Color and texture bring a human touch and an authentic feel to interiors. Array’s signature case-frame design allows for creative and unique layering of endless color choices across cases, tops, doors, and drawers.

All Applications Welcome

Complex system designs don’t always feel resolved or at home across applications and environments. Whether Corporate Interiors, Education, or Healthcare, Array’s design language ensures clean lines, and a cohesive simple presence.

Design to your work-flow

System constraints can prevent optimal work flows or continuous improvement, often resulting in compromised force-fitting of solutions. The flexibility of Array and its essential elements allows for solutions congruent with a wide range of work flows.

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