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Exceptional Comfort

Achieving the right comfort and quality for both sitting and sleeping requires a unique suspension solution. Tenet combines traditional springs with resilient foams to achieve the best of both worlds; an exceptional sit, a good night’s rest, and long-lasting performance.

Maximum for Minimum

Daybeds require significant floor-space in compressed environments.  Tenet prioritizes sleep space, offering as much as possible, while maintaining only the most essential footprint. Maximum sleep for minimum space.

Relaxed Fit and Feel

High performance designs often result in institutional and rigid solutions. With a nod to the humanistic side of Interiors, the upholstery and detailing of Tenet takes on a relaxed and inviting feel, with soft edges and casual pillow-like details.

Simple and Quick Transformation

Convertible products that are simple to use and easy to understand empower users and avoid staff distractions. Via a single button and a direct sliding action, Tenet transforms from sitting to sleeping in one simple and intuitive motion.

Workable Postures

Daybeds are not just about sitting and sleeping, they are often used for casual work throughout the day, where upright postures prevail. Tenet’s sitting position is calibrated for upright work; extending exceptional comfort and support to moments of work.

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